Learn Electronics
in a New Way

Start learning electronics with interactive lessons 
and build your own projects using virtual components and Arduino programming.

Electronics project in Shortcuit with 10 leds, the Shortcuit UNO microcontroller board and potentiometer to control the lights.

Video Trailer


    • Obstacle Avoiding Robot Car
    • Binary to Decimal 7 Segment Decoder
    • Ferris Wheel
    • Race Track with Lap Lights

Build with virtual components

Try out different electronic components easily.

All components available in Shortcuit
Code editor with serial monitor in Shortcuit

Program sketches in C++

Write code for your projects and use the Serial Monitor for debugging or to communicate with the board.

Learn from example projects

You can find pre-made circuits in the Build Box and see how these projects are wired and programmed.

The Build Box UI with prefabs of electronic projects in Shortcuit.
Screenshot of an electronics lesson (Training Mode) in Shortcuit.

Follow interactive lessons

Don’t know where to start with learning electronics?
Follow the interactive lessons and get the basics of electronics.